Text Box: Sidewalk Repairs

Concrete is a rigid material that is ideal for sidewalks. It can be transported in its semi-liquid form in wheelbarrows or light transport vehicles from the truck to areas away from paved surfaces where it can be placed by hand and finished without the use of heavy equipment. This minimizes damage to surrounding areas and landscaping. It does not require continual compaction of vehicle traffic to keep it in sound condition.


Concrete sidewalks also remain more level and true than asphalt walkways, which tend to develop dips and random cracks. Generally concrete cracks occur in the "control joints" which will not affect the appearance or structure of the sidewalk. Reinforcing concrete sidewalks with wire mesh helps to bridge over small

imperfections in the subgrade. This lessens the likelihood that sinkholes will develop. Concrete sidewalks can be replaced in sections that mesh together nicely, although the color does not always match (few materials do).












The design life of concrete is approximately 30 years. This means that over a 30-year period, the entire sidewalk system in a given property will need to be removed and replaced. Usually it will be done in sections over time.