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Concrete is the best material to use for dumpster pads for many reasons. Metal dumpsters and trash trucks exert a large amount of downward force on the pavement. Since concrete is a rigid material, it will not develop dents and dimples in the surface as asphalt does, leading to premature failure. If wire mesh or metal rebar is introduced into the slab, it will make an extremely strong concrete and steel matrix that will hold up much longer than asphalt under the heavy load of a trash truck. The dumpster pad should extend out an additional 10 - 15 feet in front of the dumpster. By doing this, the front wheels of the trash truck can sit on the pad which will absorb this extremely heavy load. Trash trucks are notoriously leaky due to the heavy strain on their hydraulic system, however concrete is not adversely affected by oil. The hydraulic fluid or other oil that leaks from the trash truck will soften asphalt, but will not soften the concrete slab.