Snow Removal

Tired of getting up extra early every time it snows to clear the snow
from your driveway? Worried about subjecting your back to shoveling
each time it snows? Let Canestoga Property Maitenance handle it!

If you have any questions about our snow removal services, please contact us at 705-345-3922







 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas do you cover?


2. Do you offer group rates?

Yes. We offer tiered group rates for groups of ten or more in the same community. If you would like more information on group rates or to sign up your community for this service, please contact us directly.

3. Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

4. Do you offer senior's rates?

Yes. Please contact us for a more specific quote.

5. What is the benefit of using a snow blower as opposed to a snow plow?

Snow blowers will not cause damage to your lawn, and do not create the unnecessary buildup of snow that happens as a result of plowing.

6. Will you remove the snow at the end of my laneway after the city plow has cleared my  street?

Yes. We will return to remove all city plow debris.

7. How much snow is necessary to have my laneway and walkway cleared?

Our service is for snowfalls of 3 inch's  or more.

8. Will you remove the snow from my stairs and walkway?

Yes. We remove the snow from your stairs and walkway by hand.

9. I have another question that has not been answered here. What should I do?

If you would like to ask a more specific question or have a question that we have not responded to here, feel free to contact us directly.

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